Universal parasol vs stroller brand parasol

Hi supermom,


Nice reading my blog! When I was looking for a parasol for our pram, the first question I asked myself was: do I buy a universal parasol or does the “pram brand” parasol fit much better? The umbrellas of the brand of our strollers looked exactly like the universal one of the Prenatal and that differed quite a bit in a few tens… In addition, I wanted something fun, lively and different. But I only came across “boring” solid colors.


I didn't learn anything about it via Google. Few mothers write about umbrellas. While almost all mothers have a parasol! What did I do .. I designed my own umbrellas & went to a baby shop (yes, also with a Bellasol and hoping I wouldn't be sent away ..). I have tried the differences. A Bellasol fitted to every stroller and checked whether the brand parasols fit better than a universal one.


My honest opinion: a universal parasol (from Bellasol in any case) fits a bit finer / firmer than some “brand” parasol. Yes, I was just as surprised as you are now. Some of the brand parasols can be clicked onto the side of the (eg) carrycot with an oval clip. You cannot tighten the clip, so if you want to bend / adjust the parasol, click it off. You attach a universal parasol to the extension bar (side) of the pushchair's handlebar. You can tighten this tightly, so that it stays in place. The advantage of a brand of parasol is that it is probably available in exactly the same color as your pram.

I think the big advantage of a universal parasol is that if you change prams, it will still fit on your car. 


I hereby list the advantages of both options for you.


Universal parasol (Bellasol) Brand umbrella
1. Tighten tight 1. Fits well on your appropriate pram
2. In nice prints 2. In the same color as your pushchair
3. Can also be used when purchasing another car / buggy
4. You will receive a nice mommy bag

A universal parasol for your pram therefore fits easily on all prams such as Joolz, Bugaboo, Mutsy, Dubatti, Stokke (not the Xplory), Maxi Cosi and all other prams!


The most important thing is that you are happy with your purchase! Are you in doubt? Then try a parasol that matches your stroller in the store versus a Bellasol. You can return our universal parasols for up to 60 days. 


Do you have questions? Feel free to send me a message.