How do you get more energy during your pregnancy? 6 very valuable tips!

Lying on the couch, remote control on the coffee table. You've been watching something you don't like for 10 minutes. Waiting for your partner to come close to ask if he would like to give the remote control (it is about 10 cm away from you). Do you recognize this? Some people suffer less than others from laziness / fatigue during pregnancy. If this is bothering you, you would like someone to hand you things all day long, prepare food for you and push you up the stairs. 


In this blog you will find tips that have helped me during my pregnancy. 


  1. Sigh, bollie in the open air 

I'm going for a walk tomorrow. No, I'm really going tomorrow. Okay, tomorrow I'm REALLY going. I'll go again on Monday ... That way you stay on the couch and nothing comes of it. I know it's tough enough to put on your shoes at all. And it is certainly good to rest or take a nap. But lying on the couch all day / evening will only make you more lazy / lifeless. The outside air will do you good, and it is also good to supplement your vitamin D. And vitamin D gives you energy! Take a short walk in the neighborhood, on the beach or in the forest. Movement is now more important than ever (if your pelvis allows it). Are you really unable to walk? Perhaps swimming is an option for you (always ask the midwife / physio for advice if you have medical complaints). 


There is nothing easier than postponing exercise (especially during pregnancy). Because now it MAY. Just kidding. In tip 3 you will find tips on how to tackle procrastination.



  1. Yummy for your tummy otherwise angry mummy

Wow, you know that emotion when you just wanted to eat something, but your partner has already eaten it .. Never before have I gotten so angry and cried for a chocolate bar. Don't forget to get your vitamins right. You body is hard at work and really needs its fuel. 

E.g. a bowl of freshly cut fruit, a smoothie with fruit and vegetables (such as spinach or avocado, you can also easily freeze) or a nice bowl of cottage cheese with fruit and unsalted nuts. Made by your partner of course, because we don't want to get tired of it… We know it: you are what you eat. And that is really the case, if you only eat badly, you will feel worse. 


  1. Make a plan & stick to it!

Physical fatigue can also develop mentally. You are busy in your head, arranging / buying everything for the baby, in the meantime your work continues and you would also like to Google about all the ailments and the very best items for your baby. Before you know it, you are in bed, you cannot sleep, because you wanted to do so much and it didn't work out. By bringing more structure into your day, you get more done and you also go to sleep faster and better. 

Make a schedule for each day (together with your partner!), Hang it upand stick to it. For example, make sure you do groceries once a week, plan what you are going to eat and who makes it, plan Google moments otherwise you will be Googling all day, plan REALLY and do not forget your exercise. If you work another 5 days, I understand if it is difficult to do something in the evening. But at least schedule 3 walks. During your break, in the evening with your partner and / or during the weekend for example. 


  1. Choose one (or more) soul mate (s)

Pick someone who will REALLY help you stick to your schedule, eat your vegetables and your fruits, and go for a walk with you. Or just someone who makes all your food.(You can tell your partner you read this in a really important blog (ghehe), I got you!). Ask a friend, your mom, your partner to take that walk, eat together (enough vitamins), or help find a particular item for the baby.

If you meet with someone to go for a walk, for example, you are less likely to cancel. A fun fact for a walk: there are bound to be completely different (more interesting) conversations than when you sit on the couch watching TV. 


  1. Talk to your partner

Nothing is more tiring than not being aligned with your partner. And let it just be that pregnancy is a very different experience for a woman than for a man. Men will never be able to fully empathize, no matter how hard they try. You must have experienced this, the tiredness, the nausea, laziness, appetite for certain things, the oblivion, the weight of your child, do you feel your baby well or not, the insecurity ... That is why it is important to communicate what you expect from your partner. E.g. doing more housework, shopping, honestly saying that at 33 weeks you can't lift that washing machine down together, massage your feet (ghehe). Be clear, make a list for him if necessary. It is not obvious to him, although we would like him to be able to smell what you want and how you feel. 



  1. HaMAMAmammmmm meditation (don't skip it, because it works!)

No, you don't have to put on goat's wool socks and sit cross-legged in a dress that is way too big. Meditation is becoming more and more famous for a reason. It gives, among other things, more peace and tranquility. And to have more energy, you need plenty of rest. There are numerous apps that help you meditate such as "Headspace".

You can meditate in different ways, including: listening to music, speaking meditation (someone who tells you what to focus on, for example your breathing) or special meditation music in a quiet place on the couch or in bed. This can be from 3 minutes to as long as you want. Are you busy in your head just before going to sleep? Then this is really the ultimate outcome, you may even fall asleep with this. The ultimate meditation moment for me is also a nice scent, such as lemongrass or eucalyptus. This can be done with oils that you put on your hand, a spray for your pillow (available at De Tuinen), fragrance sticks (eg Hammam from Rituals) or with a diffuser (I have the one from O'dor Aroma Cool Mis Diffuser 400 ml ). 


Nice that you read everything, I hope it helps you! Do you have any other tips for other (expectant) mothers? Will you let us know in a comment? I am curious what has helped you.


See you soon


xx Adriana