Do you need a parasol for your stroller / buggy?

When I first went on vacation with Elena, I thought: do I need an umbrella for our stroller? There is a different answer for everyone here. That is why I will help you on your way whether you need a parasol for your stroller or maybe a sun canopy would suit you better?


Using a parasol

Let's face it, a parasol can be quite tricky. But only if you have wrong expectations. Do you think: "Oh I'm going to walk the 11 cities tour with a bend here and a bend there, parading around with my beautiful parasol on the stroller" then you already have the wrong approach. It is good to know: you have to adjust the parasol. Yes duh, you already knew that. But be honest sometimes you don't think about the simplest things. Did you know that you can clean a pomegranate by hitting it with a spoon? No, neither do I, check youtube, back to the point: So is it useful to go for a lot of walks with a parasol? No. Unless you don't mind adjusting. Which is very easy with a Bellasol… Just saying.


When do you use a parasol?

You can use a parasol at so many other times. For example on the terrace, on the beach, park or a short walk (eg on the boulevard). A while ago we were on Texel (little Island in the Netherlands) and there was no shade, but sunbeds. I was happily feeding Elena on a lounger with our umbrella on the pram next to me, so we sat in the shade. Otherwise I couldn't get her out of the stroller. 


Do you really not want to keep adjusting the parasol (despite the fact that it looks great on your stroller)? Then a sun towel probably suits you better. Also available in nice trendy prints. 


Using a sun towel

You can attach a sun canopy to your stroller up to your steering wheel. This keeps enough fresh air in for your little one. You can easily slide the sun screen to the left or right side of your car if the sun comes from a different angle. 


When do you use a sun canopy?
You can use a sun canopy if you do a lot of walking. The shade often stays because it is closer to your stroller. In addition, you can adjust it easily on your stroller.


Summary pros and cons of a universal parasol and sun canopy:

For both products, Bellasol has a special UV-resistant coating on the inside. This offers a protection of UPF 50+. 

Parasol Sun Towel

Easy to attach. Need some time to attach it
You see your baby well                                            You see your child in certain positions  

                                                               less, but therefore also good against          

                                                               stimuli / noise!

Minimal protection UPF 50+ Minimal protection UPF 50+
Plenty of fresh air in the car Plenty of fresh air
Adjust if you walk a lot Easy to adjust / less necessary
Universal therefore also with other strollers / Especially useful with a carrycot
use buggies

Despite the fact that your child is in the shade, we always advise you to lubricate him / her with a good / high protection factor.


Are you sure what suits you best? And whether you need a parasol / sun canopy? Then take a look at the nice prints on our webshop! Do you have any additions to our blog? Let us know in a comment.


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