7 fun outdoor activities to do with your baby!

Hopefully I can distract you a bit from the Corona virus that is physically heavy for many people, but also mentally for all of us. I hope you are healthy, your family. And don't forget that you are a SUPERMOM. 


When you have given birth, there comes a time when you look at your baby and think: okay, what are we going to do today. Those 4 walls of your house are now approaching you. The zoo is just 300 days too young for your baby. And at the goat farm, the goats will most likely eat your baby (if you've ever been there, you know what I mean). What can you do? I have listed 7 fun mom / dad & baby activities for you. They come, Joe:

  1. Blub blub blub, let your baby enjoy in a baby spa tub
    Elena was 8 weeks old when we went to a baby spa with her. In addition to indicating that it is good for thrush, colic, etc., it was a very nice experience. Really fun outing with your baby with fun pictures guaranteed! After the baby spa, they often also do a massage (yourself with your own baby), which you can also apply at home. 


  1. Spitter, spatter, spater, throw your baby in the water (kidding: don't)

You can choose to go free swimming with your baby or take baby swimming lessons. If you are not sure what to do with your baby in the pool, it is more fun to opt for baby swimming lessons. With baby swimming lessons you learn all kinds of fun tricks and exercises to do with your baby in the water. The nice thing about baby swimming lessons is that there are often mothers with whom you can have a nice mummy chat. If you think now: but I don't feel comfortable in swimwear at all: Stop that right there. All moms know how hard it is to get rid of that yummy cheesecake during your pregnancy. So if you have gained 10 kg of extra fat. Who cares. As long as you are healthy, your baby is healthy and you can take such trips together. If you really think about it, isn't that the most important thing? Give yourself time! It'll be fine.


  1. NAMES with baby yoga!

Never done it, looks interesting. You do? I'm curious: let me know in a comment! Here comes the info: it strengthens the bond, you will do yoga postures (feet at the back of your neck, we also did the delivery, so we can already, that makes a difference) and you teach your baby to relax by, for example, certain massages. Besides teaching your baby to relax, you also learn techniques (eg breathing technique) to relax. You strengthen your body mainly focused on pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and a bunch of muscles. As I write this, I have registered for a trial lesson. I'm curious!


  1. Baby Shark doo doo doo, Mommy shark doo doo doo
    A baby music course! This is possible from 4 months. In addition to being super fun to do, it is also good for the development of your baby: language development, you stimulate hearing, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. In other words: your baby will scream to imitate the sound he hears and then put the samba stick in his mouth and then hit you with it with wild movement. Ghehe, momlife. When Elena hears music, it makes her very happy. I would love to do with her. Google it: Music on your lap. You can find these in different cities.


  1. Keep calm and book a massage
    Yes, unfortunately not for yourself, but for your baby. A baby massage seems to be very good for many situations. This can even be done as early as 2 weeks after birth. I will mention a few of the many benefits that I can find on the internet: good for bonding with your baby, it can have a healing effect after a difficult delivery, caesarean section or premature birth, decrease of stress hormones in your baby and yourself and is good for crying babies. You learn the techniques yourself so that you can regularly do them yourself at home. Super fun to do, has many benefits and you can also apply it regularly at home.


  1. Everything gets better with coffee
    Yes, not for your baby of course :-). But for those sleepless nights you can probably use some coffee. Google it: children's cafe. Bet you will find something nice in your neighborhood! 


  1. Kiekeboeboooeeekoe 
    Babysensory, have you ever heard of that? Baby Sensory is a kind of curriculum that you do together with your baby. Here they learn in a playful way and with songs, eg hello in baby gestures or goodbye. Activities that are covered include music and dance, singing and rhyme, sign language, baby gym and development games such as hide and seek, animal sounds, colors, shapes and patterns. For example, the parents are also taught baby massage or sleeping techniques. Fun to do and educational for your baby!


Hopefully there is something nice for you. Did you experience a fun activity with your baby yourself? Let us know at the bottom of the comments so that other mothers can also do something with this! 

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